Wetton Parish Council has begun a project to upgrade the equipment in the Playground.

Steps already taken are;

1) A consultation with residents on which items need upgrading and what kind of equipment would be most suitable and popular with youngsters.

2) A safety report on the condition of the existing equipment.

3) The receipt of a most generous donation of £5,000 from Staffordshire Moorlands Councillor Edwin Wain.

4) Beginning the process of applying for a grant for the rest of the funding needed.


Councillor Wain also gave useful advice to the Parish Council. He suggested that the Parish Council should speak with the specialist staff at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council who deal with playground procurement, maintenance and safety on a daily basis. They will surely have valuable information and guidance for the Parish Council project. He further suggested that an early step in the project should be to identify which pieces of equipment may be worthy of retention and make some refurbishment to those. The Parish Council intends to follow Councillor Wain’s advice.


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