Year End 31/03/2017

Annual Report and Accounts

The Parish Council’s accounts are independently examined, and then audited. Parishioners can also inspect the accounts. All the relevant documents are here on the website.

The documents for 2016-2017 are below. You can also refer to the archive pages for previous years.

Our Annual Report which summarises what the Parish Council have done in the past year: ParishMeeting Report 2017.pdf

The Governance Statement which explains how we work: Annual Governance Statement 2016 2017.pdf

A declaration about the current status of our published accounts: Status of Published Accounts May 2017.pdf

Our accounting statements as submitted for external audit: Accounting Statements 2016 2017.pdf

Our more detailed accounts so you can see what we spend on what: Accounts 2016 2017.pdf

The official notice advising you of when the accounts can be inspected and you can raise issues with the external auditor: Exercise of Public Rights May 2017.pdf 

And now our official audit certificate Audit certificate 2017.pdf

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